Still Tired

In my recent posts I have noted that Kate has been very tired. That has been especially since our return from Texas this past Monday. After lunch yesterday, Kate came inside and went directly to bed. She slept three hours. When she got up, she was hungry. That led to our having an early dinner. Of course, that meant we were home earlier. I put on a DVD of The Merry Widow. She worked jigsaw puzzles on her iPad while it was on, but she enjoyed the music. By 7:30, she put away the iPad and went to sleep. I went to bed close to 10:00. I discovered that she was awake. I am sure that was a result of her having slept so long during the afternoon. It wasn’t long, however, before she was asleep for the night.

At 7:45 this morning, she came into the kitchen where I was working on the computer. She was ready for Panera. We were there at 8:00. I think there has only been one other time we have gotten there so early. By 9:00, she was ready to go back home. I could tell she was tired. I asked her if she would like to lie down on the sofa in the family room while I read the paper. I told her I would build a fire. She took me up on that offer and rested for more than an hour and a half. She asked if she could go outside. I told her that would be fine. As she does so often, she then asked if she could use her clippers. I told her she could. She gave her customary response. She looked quite surprised and said, “What’s got into you?” I always think this is funny because I have never said anything about her not using the clippers nor have I ever said no when she asks if she can use them. We are having a slight break in the cold weather, and I’m actually glad that she has a little break to go outside. She hasn’t done that much lately.

In another twenty minutes we’ll leave for lunch. At 1:15, we are going to The Greatest Showman. I haven’t had much luck finding movies that Kate enjoys lately. She did enjoy Darkest Hour. This will be very different, but I hope she will like it.

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