No Victory With the Movie

After lunch, Kate and I went to see The Greatest Showman. It’s a very “artsy” show that I liked, but Kate did not. In some ways that surprises me in that it contains many of the elements that she likes in a Broadway show, lots of singing and dancing. She might have liked it better as a stage production, but I think the music was not as engaging for her and the creative way in which the story is told made it impossible for her to follow. I suspect that there may be as much “truth” in the story as Barnum’s own productions. Fortunately, this is one that Kate did not dislike. She wasn’t bored or bothered by it. She didn’t complain about having seen it. As we walked out, I started to talk about my liking the fact that it made no effort to give the audience the idea that this was in anyway a documentary-like show. This was meant to be entertaining in the same way that Barnum’s shows were. I didn’t say much before Kate said, “Why don’t you wait till tomorrow to tell me about it.” That ended the debriefing as it often does.

When we got home, she remained outside to work in the yard. It is the warmest day we have had in a couple of weeks. I am glad to see her outside again. It really is good therapy for her.

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