Coordination Problems and Confusion

For someone like me having a schedule is helpful in getting things done. Since our return from Texas, Kate has been getting up later. That has meant getting to Panera has been later. That hasn’t presented a problem since I haven’t had any meetings or other obligations during the holidays. Today is different. I go back to Rotary. That means the sitter comes at noon instead of 1:00.
Today is different in another way. Kate got up earlier, probably related to the fact that she went to bed shortly after 7:00 last night. That influenced our morning schedule. We got to Panera earlier, and she wanted to come home before lunch. I generally try to get her to lunch at 11:00 so that we can be back for the sitter in plenty of time. When I went to our bedroom at 11:00, she was resting in bed. I asked if she would like a sandwich. She said she would rather stay in bed. I decided to let her remain in bed and that the sitter could take her to lunch.

A little after 11:15, she came into the kitchen with her coat on and iPad under her arm. She was ready to go back to Panera. Knowing that we might have difficulty getting back home in time for the sitter, I called the agency and asked the sitter to meet us at Panera, something I may establish as a regular routine. That would be a better way of handling the situation rather than rushing Kate.

Before leaving the house, she took a can of Dr. Pepper out of the refrigerator to take with her. She is particular about the mixture of Dr. Pepper she often gets out of the machine at Panera. When we got out of the car, I took the can of Dr. Pepper. When we got inside, I offered to get some ice. When I came back to the table, I pulled the can of Dr. Pepper out of my pocket and poured it into her cup. She said, “Aren’t you smart.” When I asked why, she indicated it was because I brought the Dr. Pepper for her. She had forgotten that it was she who had actually thought to bring it.

Then I left to go to the counter where I ordered her sandwich. As I returned to the table, I noticed Kate at the drink machine. She had emptied the Dr. Pepper, replaced the ice, and was getting another drink from the machine. When I asked about her Dr. Pepper, she had no recollection of having had one. I don’t know why she poured it out. I just let it go. She took a sip out of her drink. She didn’t like it and gave it to me to taste. She had gotten carbonated water. I went back to the machine and got her an Arnold Palmer. She is now happily working on her iPad while eating her lunch. She seems happy. So am I.

The major learning in this episode for me is that I should be prepared to let the sitter meet us here every week unless there are other reasons for doing otherwise. I can’t be too rigid with my own desire to stick to a regular schedule. By letting go, I will save myself a little stress.