More Firsts

We’ve been regulars at Panera for quite some time, now. Kate often gets up from our table and goes to the restroom. She has always found it without asking me for help. I am unaware of her asking anyone else, although that is certainly possible. Our regular table is right around the corner from the restrooms, so I am inclined to think that she hasn’t had to ask. Until today, that is. This afternoon before we prepared to leave for dinner, she asked me the location of the restroom. I took her part way there (we were not seated at our regular table which may account for her not knowing where it was) and told her to turn left. I watched for her so she was able to return to our table without difficulty.

This morning, however, she and I went to our regular table where I put my iPad and my cup on the table, got my computer out of its case, and sat down at the table. She had her iPad with her along with her cup. She went directly to the drinks which is in a direct line from our table only a few feet away. After a few minutes, she hadn’t returned to the table. I didn’t see her anywhere around the area in which our table is located. Then I thought she might have gone to the restroom. I looked around the entire dining area and found her in the front section sitting there with her cup and working puzzles on her iPad. I went over to her and asked if she would like to join me. I didn’t say anything else, and neither did she. She closed her iPad, picked up her cup and coat, and walked with me to our regular table.

I am quite accustomed to her not being able to find me when our regular table and the ones around it are occupied. In those instances I stand and wait in a place where we can see each other when she has gotten her drink. Prior to this, she has not failed to come directly to our regular table; so we had two firsts in one day. These two events notwithstanding, we had a really nice day. Again, she was in a good humor all day.