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Today is Kate’s sixth with a sitter. I continue to be a bit anxious as the time approaches for each visit. The good news is that I also continue to discover that Kate is quite receptive to having a sitter. I am especially pleased because we have not yet been able to experience a permanent sitter. The one at home now, Mary, came for a 2 ½ hour visit when the second sitter didn’t show up. She has also been with us for one other 4-hour shift last Friday. I still don’t know who is coming on Monday. Nor am I sure that today’s sitter is assured for the remaining Wednesdays and Fridays. I do know that she is not currently available on Monday.

As in the past, I did not say anything to Kate about a sitter until minutes before her arrival. I just told her that I was going to the Y and that Mary would be here while I am gone. When Mary arrived, Kate gave her a warm smile and seemed just fine. They both went outside where Kate was going to work in the yard. That is where they were when I left.

After leaving the Y, I dropped by the grocery to get some breakfast items for our son who is arriving for his quarterly visit. Now I am at Panera where I have checked email and sent an email to Kate’s physician following up on a couple of things we talked about during her visit.

I made a reservation for dinner at Casa Bella at 5:45. Following that we are going to a concert by three tenors called Gentri (Gentleman Trio). That will conclude our day.

I find that the 4-hour time for a sitter goes quickly. Just going to the Y takes a full 2 hours. That doesn’t leave much more time for other things. Today I feel the need to get home a little early to make sure Kate does not have to rush in getting ready for dinner and the concert. I suspect she came in from outside a good while ago and has taken a shower; so I am hopeful she won’t have to be rushed.

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