Signs/Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

We arrived at Panera about twenty minutes ago. As I was waiting in line to pay for two drinks, Kate went to the drink dispenser to get a Dr. Pepper in the cup she had brought with her. She sat down at the table where I had put my cup and her iPad Before I had time to order, she went back to the dispenser with her cup. In a couple of minutes, she returned to our section but didn’t know where to go. I pointed to the table where she had been and where our things were. Then I noticed she was not only carrying her cup, she had picked up another cup with a top on it, and it was half full. Then she took off the top and poured the contents into her cup. Spontaneously, I asked where the got the cup, “from another table?” She said, “Of course, not.” I didn’t say any more. I knew that she couldn’t tell me, but the only way she could get a cup was to get one from the person at the counter where I was waiting. All I can think of is that she picked up someone else’s drink.

Shortly after I got to the table, she looked at me and said with a happy face, “Are we really going to Chautauqua?” I told her we weren’t but that we had just been there and had a great time. I also said, “It would be nice to go back, wouldn’t it?” She agreed.

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