More Signs of Sundowning?

Since returning from dinner, Kate and I have been sitting in the family room. She has been working puzzles on her iPad. I have been watching the news. She has had a little problem taking her pills at night. It seems to cause a little reflux. I decided to divide her pills so that she takes half now and the other half a little later.

After she took them she got up and went to her room. She came out in a few minutes with another top over the one she had been wearing. She indicated she was ready. I asked her, “For what?” She told me, “Anything.” I told her I thought she was going to get ready for bed. She said it was too early. Then she went to our bedroom and said, “I’m just going to lie down in bedroom with my iPad for a while.”

I walked back to take my medicine. As I was leaving the room, she called my name and pointed to her iPad. I didn’t know what she was communicating and walked over to her bedside. She asked, “Should I take it with me?” I told her we weren’t going anywhere now. Then she asked me what she should do with her iPad. She asked if she could just put it down beside the bed as she usually does. I told her that would be fine

This is another occurrence of her acting as though we are going someplace and/or that we have spoken about doing something when nothing of the sort has happened.