Another Example of Short-Term Memory

After getting home from a Y breakfast and a stop at Lowe’s for plants, I told Kate to let me know if she would like to go to Panera. She indicated she would. I might not have mentioned Panera, but Libby is at the house. We had left for the breakfast before 8:00, and I knew Kate would want to rest. After 15 minutes, Kate came into the kitchen where I was working on the computer. She was hot. I asked again if she would like to go to Panera. She said she just wanted to get cool. I suggested she turn on the fan in the family room. She went into the family room. In a few minutes, I went through the family room and saw that the fan was not on. She was working on her iPad. I turned he fan on for her. I also told her if she wanted to go to Panera that we would want to go soon because it would be time for lunch in a little while. I went back to the kitchen. In a minute, she was ready to go to Panera. I got things together. As we were turning off of Garners Ferry Road, she said, “Surprise.” I said, “You guessed we were going to Panera?” She nodded affirmatively. It was clear that she hadn’t remembered. It was only when she saw where I was turning that we were going to Panera.