Moments of Pleasure

Yesterday was a good day. I had to strongly encourage Kate to attend morning worship, but she loved the preacher as she had on Sunday. If she had been able to remember hearing him, she would have been eager to go. One of the good reasons to attend the worship service is to assure ourselves of a good seat for the main lecture of the day. At the end of worship, Kate wanted to use the restroom. I took her there and waited outside the door for her. Then we walked back to the seating. I always walk ahead of her. She likes me to do this because she doesn’t know which way to go. When we got to our row, I walked in to our seats. When I looked back, Kate was not behind me. I looked closer to the front and saw her walk into the first row. She was about to take a seat when I called to her. She didn’t see me at first but finally did and came to sit down with me.

One of the symptoms she has had for several years has worsened. That is her eyesight. I don’t mean to say that there is something wrong with her eyes although she is in the early stage of her cataract development. I am confident from what I have learned about Alzheimer’s is that it is part of the dysfunctional patterns of the brain. She frequently doesn’t see things that are right in front of her. When I point to something I want her to see, it takes her a while to focus on that particular thing. Often she never sees what I was pointing out. I think what is happening now is that she loses sight of me as she is following. For quite sometime, I have looked back periodically to see if she is still right behind me. I was doing so as we went back to our seat; however, it only takes a moment of distraction on her part to lose me.

Greg Boyle did another outstanding job presenting a sermon consisting mostly of stories of his life working with gang members to make their lives better and more productive. His stories are quite moving, and, at certain moments,  he seemed moved by them as well. Kate was quite moved. I take this as a good thing as it was for me.

That was followed by the main lecture that included Pamela Paul (editor of the NYT Book Review), David Lynn (editor of The Kenyon Review), and Lorin Stein (editor of The Paris Review). They were outstanding and Roger Rosenblatt was at his best as well. It was another Chautauqua highlight for both of us
We went back to Hurlbut Methodist for lunch as we did on Monday. We got into a lengthy conversation with a woman from Ontario. She is a regular here. It was another good Chautauqua experience.

Kate was ready for a little rest after lunch and told me she would rather remain in the room than attend Bishop Spong’s lecture. I went and enjoyed it. Then I came back to see if Kate would like to attend a 3:30 lecture by a man who performs as Teddy Roosevelt. She did, and we went back to the Hall of Philosophy for that. We both enjoyed it, especially Kate.

We then went to dinner at the Afterword Café. We followed dinner by coming back to the apartment where Kate chose to remain. I went to the evening entertainment, Tiempo Libre. It was an entertaining program. The musicians described their intent to make it a Cuban party. They invited members of the audience to the front and to the stage to dance as they played. It was a good evening

When I got back to the apartment, Kate was asleep with her clothes on. I think she was worn out from the day’s activities. She got up while I took a shower and prepared for bed. Then she undressed and came to bed as well.
At 5:45 this morning, I awoke and looked at the time. Kate then asked, “Why are we here?” I answered, “We are at Chautauqua.” She didn’t say anything else. I believe she was really awake but confused about where she was. That has occurred a number of times while we are traveling. Typically, she will say something like this. “I want to take a shower in our bathroom.” That is not said as a wish but that she believes our bathroom is right here someplace. I have to say there are times during the night when she talks in her dreams. This could have been one of those occasions, but I don’t think so.