Imagining and Other Things

I don’t mention it regularly, but Kate continues to have Deja vu experiences. They tend to be in the same places or situations. She says, “There he/she is again.” as we pass by someone while we are driving. The person is normally walking or running, but sometimes it is a person standing at a bus stop or something similar. By far the most typical experiences occur in restaurants where she very regularly says, “See that family?” or “Notice that man.” Then she will say, “You’ll see him/her/them again.”

She also experiences periodic false memories. This morning she came into the kitchen and said, “I’m ready.” I asked if she wanted to go to Panera, and she did. I told her I wanted to finish writing an email message and then we would go. I finished and then took a few minutes to get our things together (iPads, my computer, cups for drinks, etc.). On this occasion (a rare one), she seemed eager to leave and asked, “I thought you wanted to get me out of here while Libby (our cleaning lady) is here.” I hadn’t even discussed leaving the house or said anything to her about Libby except that she was coming this morning. Ah, it is just now coming together as I write this. Kate was in bed when I returned from my walk shortly after 8:00 this morning. I told her I was back and that Libby would be coming soon. She must have interpreted that to mean I wanted her to get up so that we could go to Panera.

Before leaving Kate brought out a few things to give to Libby. She often does this. This time I noticed that she had put out a pair of her shoes. She saw my look of surprise and asked, “Is something wrong?” I told her that those were shoes we had recently bought. She said, “You told me they were too small.” She took the shoes back to her room.

It also looks like she has come to see me as the person responsible for washing the clothes. Last night she brought some dirty clothes into laundry room and dropped them in the washing machine. I was in the kitchen. She called out to me, “The washing machine is full.” I took this to mean that she was letting me know it was time for me to wash. I said, “I’ll take care of it.” Then I did. She never said anything. To her it must have seemed like an everyday occurrence.

Despite these kinds of things, I still say that we are getting along well under the circumstances. I am trying to keep us busy. We still go to as many movies as we can. The believe the number she will like is smaller than I would want it to be.

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