Another Crisis

Sometimes it seems like we are going from one crisis to another. We got back home from lunch at about 1:00. Kate stayed outside to put some lemons from her ice tea in the compost. I came inside to check email. I also started downloading CDs to my computer so that they can be transferred to my phone. I also loaded several professional photos from our cruise in January. I was going to sync Kate’s iPad with my calendar and couldn’t find it. Almost 40 minutes ago, she came in and couldn’t find it either. It was very disturbing to her. She cried off and on for about 20 minutes. She said, “I can’t find anything.” As always, this is painful for me to watch. I have been all around the house looking everyplace I can without success. I even called the restaurant where we had lunch. They hadn’t found it either. I guess this is just the beginning.