Erratic Behavior

About 35-40 minutes ago, Kate said she was hungry. I told here her we would be going to dinner around 5:30 but we could go get a slice of pizza or something else if she would like. She indicated that she would. A few minutes later she got out of bed to get ready. Instead of putting on her clothes, she got into the shower. When she came out, she said, “OK, now it’s all yours.” It was as though she thought we were getting ready for dinner not just to get something to address the immediate sense of hunger. She got her clothes and sat on the bed. Then she said she was feeling hungry. She seemed as though I had been rushing her. I hadn’t said or done anything that should have given her that impression. I told her that I didn’t mean to rush her. She held up her hand and stopped me. This is a common pattern when she doesn’t want me to say anything. Before getting dressed, she said, “I just need to rest a minute. OK?” I told her that would be fine. I am going to let her rest as long as she wants. If she takes too long, I will have her dress for dinner rather than just putting on what she had been wearing earlier. Tonight is formal dining; so it will require a little more preparation for both of us.

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