Signs of Insecurity

For some time I have been aware that Kate seems somewhat less secure in social situations than she used to. I don’t mean that she verbally expresses any stress but that she seems not to talk as much. I attribute this to her not remembering many things. In addition, she has difficulty explaining things are describing events. More recently, however, I am seeing increasing signs. Today, for example, we attended a PEO book chat. Although she clearly wanted to go, she didn’t make any effort to get herself ready until I prompted her to do so. As it turned out, we were 20 minutes late. While we were there, she greeted people, but she was mostly somewhat removed from conversation. I just think it is too hard for her. In one instance, I got into a conversation with a women from whom she buys cosmetics. We talked for at least 5 minutes while Kate stood about 10 feet away by herself, apparently waiting for me to finish. Looking back I think she may not have recognized the woman.

Go to and coming from the event, Kate told me several times how much she appreciated my going with her. This is really the thing that makes me feel she is having some insecurity in such situations. Just before we got in the car a woman from UT called to Kate, and they talked a few moments. When they had finished, she asked me who that was. I told her that was one of the people with whom she worked on the PEO grant program.

She is outside right now pruning her plants. This continues frequently when the weather permits. Before she went out, I mentioned that working outside was her therapy. She said, “It is. I mean it really is.”