More Signs of Insecurity and Withdrawal

Last night we attended a choral concert at First Presbyterian. After the concert. they held a reception that we attended. I noticed once again that Kate would just walk away when I was talking with someone that both of us know. As I have noted before, I think this comes from a lessening ability to talk about many things, but I also believe it happens because she recognizes fewer people. She seems to walk away as an escape. At one point while I was talking with someone about the flooding at his house during our recent storm, she took a seat in a chair by herself. Fortunately, someone came over to her and they engaged in a conversation. Then it was time for us to go. As we left, Kate asked who that was she had been talking to. She did recognize her as a friend of Ellen’s. I suspect the person may have mentioned Ellen in the conversation. Then as we walked out of the church, she put her arm around my waist and said, “I need you.” I said, “And I am right here.”

Yesterday afternoon Kate worked in the yard. I called her in about 45 minutes before I felt we needed to leave for dinner and the concert. I had told her a little earlier where we were going. I reminded her when I went out to get her. When she got dressed, she was dressed more informally than I thought she should. She asked me if she met my approval. That led into a comment or two about where we were going. She hadn’t remembered at all. When I reminded her, she felt she should change. Even though I believed she was dressed too informally, I told her she was all right. She could tell my heart wasn’t in it. Ultimately, she changed, but the top she was wearing was soiled in several places from cosmetic stains. Later I noticed that her slacks were also soiled.

That reminds me that something new is that she is beginning to make a habit of asking me about the clothes she wears when we are going to something a little more special like last night. She did not do so last night, however. It is clear that she is releasing her independence a bit by soliciting my opinion on her clothes.

She also commented to me this week that she wants to please me. This came after she had gotten ready on time when we were going someplace.