Monday Morning Lucerne

It is 8:45 a.m. We woke up shortly after 6:15. Not to much later we dressed, and went to the dining room for breakfast. We have been back in the room for almost an hour. Kate has been asleep about 35-45 minutes. She continues to enjoy resting after getting up and eating.

It is a beautiful day on what is our last full day in Lucerne. Museums are closed today; so I think we will take a combo boat, cogwheel train, and cable car trip to Pilatus, one of the mountain peaks around the city. This is the clearest day we have had; so we will try to make the most of it.

Kate seems to feel much better than she did last night. I am hoping her cold does not get worse.

I see that I did not comment on yesterday. We took a walking tour of the city yesterday morning. Our guide was the best one we have ever had. It was almost 3 hours. Then we went to lunch where we sat next to a table with a couple from New Zealand. We had a great conversation that included the waiter/proprietor (?). After lunch we walked to the old wall surrounding the city and walked up the old clock tower. We rested at the hotel for a while. Then we got some ice cream at a spot along the water front. Then walked to see the Lion Monument. Kate’s nose was giving her fits. We came back to the room where she relaxed and remained until this morning. I was full and snacked on apples and dried apricots. I went down to the terrace overlooking Lake Lucerne and then came back to the room for the night.

It was a good day in every respect except Kates catching a cold.