Recognition of Short-term Memory Problem

Yesterday as we were walking to our car from church, we stopped to talk with a couple. When we had finished, Kate asked me who they were. I told her their first names. Before I could say the last name, she said their last name. Then she said, “My memory is shot.” She clearly recognizes what is happening. I hate for her to suffer in this way, but I think it will be even worse for me when she is not aware.

At 6:00 last night, I went out to let her know it was time to come in so that we could go to dinner. She got up (she was on the ground) right away and started to follow me back to the house. I went inside. After 15 minutes, I hadn’t heard her come in; so I went outside and saw that she was working in a flower bed in the back of the house. It turns out that she hadn’t remembered that she was coming inside to go to dinner.

She came in and took a shower. In a little while she walked into the family room dressed for bed. I asked if she had changed her mind about our going out to dinner. It turns out that she hadn’t remembered that. She changed, and we went out to eat.