Jan’s Story and Our Experience

I’m reading Jan’s Story again. I am noticing more things this time. For example, Jan opened and closed the refrigerator door. She also moved items around. This is very much the way Kate is doing with rearranging other things on shelves and rearranging knickknacks in the kitchen.

This morning I opened a drawer to get a spoon for my cereal. I noticed that all of the silverware was covered over by her used paper napkins. I suspect they were napkins left over from visit to a restaurant in the past day or so. She probably didn’t know where to put them and just put them in the drawer with the silverware.

I am now in the part where the author talks about her friends because he has put her in an assisted living facility. What they can’t understand is that she still shows so much normal behavior. This is something that strikes me because most of the people who see Kate have no idea of her condition.