Shopping for Clothes

This is Friday. We got back home from our cruise on Wednesday afternoon.. Yesterday Kate mentioned that she would like me to take her to Belk’s for a sale they are having this weekend. Today after lunch I did so. I went with some trepidation because she still can’t put her hands on all the things we have bought since February. I sat down in a chair and waited while she strolled through the store. She must have spent almost 45 minutes walking around and trying on a few things. At one point she showed me a top and a pair of slacks that I am sure she had shown me earlier. She was sure that she had not. We finally ended up with 2 sweaters and 2 pair of slacks. When we got home, I took a picture of the things so that I can remember what she bought. I did so because she may ask me the whereabouts of these things, and I probably won’t remember without a picture.