Visit to Dr. Reasoner

Kate’s visit to Dr. Reasoner was uneventful last week. I was called in at one point to provide some information about a new prescription (Prempro) for which we were having to get prior authorization. It has now been a month since the doctor prescribed it. I got an email yesterday that it is ready. This is to deal with Kate’s hot flashes.

We are in our third day with Ken and Virginia in Ann Arbor. The visit is going well though Kate has expressed a desire to be home. Last night she was worried that Virginia might be ready for us to leave. I think his was a misunderstanding. It was actually Ken who asked when we were leaving – as a simple question. She translated it as Virginia’s asking interpreted it as being ready for us to go.

I have had two good conversations with Ken. We have exchanged info on Kate’s situation and how she has changed since we last were together at Christmas. He has been open about his own situation and the frustrations he has and that Virginia has. I told him that Kate is more irritable, especially with me, that in general she is more emotional, that her short-term memory is worse, that I notice a decline in the long-term memory as well, that she is frightened by sudden noises, and that she is suffering occasional panic attacks when getting ready to go places.