Fifty-first Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated our anniversary by making a daytrip to Asheville. It was a nice day, the first time we had been back to Asheville in 4-5 years. Next year I plan to go for 3-4 days. We always love it.

When we got up yesterday morning, I noticed that Kate was beginning to embark on her pictures on her computer as I was going out for a short walk. I said something about our needing to leave at 9:15 or so. She looked at me with a blank expression. She had totally forgotten we were going to Asheville and that it was our anniversary. This is not a surprise as she normally forgets things like this. I just thought there might be a possibility that she would remember. Once I told her it was our anniversary, she remembered we were going to Asheville. She then said, “Happy Anniversary.” She got up immediately to get ready. This is a common reaction when she learns that she has forgotten something. My interpretation is that we both understand why she has forgotten; so she doesn’t apologize or act apologetic. She simply moves ahead with whatever she should do to correct the problem.

Everything went well on the trip. We even met a couple from Newnan, Georgia. He is a cardiologist who taught in a medical school in Wisconsin after leaving private practice. Then he spent 10-14 years in medical missions. After that went to seminary and is now a parish associate at a Presbyterian church in Newnan. Kate got along quite well with the couple. I cannot imagine that they suspected her Alzheimer’s at all; so we continue enjoy ourselves and very little happens that would make someone suspicious.

She continues to be a bit more emotional than before. Most of the time this is a positive. She likes, should I say loves, everybody and everything. On the other hand, she also is a little snappy with me at times. This morning, for example, she told me not to “ever do that again” when I was combing the front of her hair. It apparently was already the way she had wanted it. This kind of thing passes quickly, but it resurfaces from time to time. I suspect I may see more of this in the future.

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