Fifty-First Anniversary

Tomorrow we will celebrate our 51st anniversary. We hadn’t planned to do is anything special, but earlier this week I decided it might be nice to drive to Asheville. I got ticket to a play. I have also made lunch reservations at a restaurant that we like. We’ll return tomorrow night.

Today we had lunch with Mark and Katherine Harrington. I had told Mark about Kate’s Alzheimer’s a few weeks ago and couldn’t help but wonder if he noticed anything different about her. I could believe not. The one thing that I think is different is that she speaks more boldly and confidently and more than she used to do. She also interrupts others speaking more frequently than in the past. It is quite difficultl for me to express precisely what this difference is, but it seems like she is working harder to make herself heard. There is also a bit of child-like enthusiasm for lots of things.

One of my problems lately is adjusting to her wearing some of my clothes while she is working in the yard. In particular she wears some of my tee shirts. Once they have gotten dirty, the stains don’t come out of them. This is one of those situations I have to be careful about. I have chosen not to say anything because she gets defensive or she jumps on me for being so compulsive and overly concerned about my property.

She is working hard to be on time and sometimes senses pressure from me when I haven’t done anything at all. That happened today when I came home a little early for our lunch with the Harringtons. I did this because I feared she would still be working out in the yard if I came home just in time for us to leave. At any rate, she ended up feeling pressure to get ready quickly. I hadn’t done anything to rush her because I thought we had plenty of time. At one point, she told me that it wouldn’t hurt the Harringtons if we were five minutes late. As it turns out we were on time, but she needled me because she thought I was getting fidgety over her not being ready. I confess that frequently I do get fidgety. This wasn’t one of those times.

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