Forgetting People

Last night we went out for pizza. As we entered the restaurant, we saw two former members of our church. They had been good friends of Kate’s when she was the church librarian. She didn’t remember either of them. When we see people we haven’t seen in a while, I am careful to let Kate know quickly so they won’t notice that she doesn’t remember them. I did so this time, and I am sure they didn’t sense any lack of recognition. This is the kind of thing, however, that I can see catching up with her at some point.

In our conversations, she often mentions that she can’t even picture certain people that she has known pretty well in the past.

I also continue to observe her forgetting things that have occurred in the very recent past. Yesterday, for example, I picked her up at Bruegger’s where she was talking with Shirley Hazel. We talked about the two couples getting together for dinner and a movie. Last evening before dinner, she told me that she and Shirley had discussed this. She didn’t realize at all that I was with her and was aware of the discussion. Of course, this could happen to anyone. It is just that this is a normal occurrence these days.