Short-term memory

I continue to be struck by, and mostly thankful for, the effect of Kate’s AD on short-term memory. While it is a problem for those who are close to her (I believe I am the only one affected right now), I clearly believe this is better in terms of social adjustment than losing longer-term memory because so much of our daily conversation relies on things in the past.

This morning I had an experience that has become rather normal for us. I was in the bedroom getting ready to leave for the office when she came in to give me some paper to take to the office for recycling. She then walked into the kitchen. While there my brother, Larry, who has been with us since Tuesday night, asked her if I had left yet. She told him I was on my morning walk. I walked in a few minutes later and saw Larry’s car backing out of the driveway. I caught him and asked if he were leaving. He said she told him I was walking. She had obviously forgotten I was in the back.

The only consequence of this kind of memory problem is my never being sure she will remember to do something or to meet me. This leads to my reminding her of many things, and that becomes annoying to her sometimes though not always. She often appreciates the reminders.

At noon today she has a dermatologist’s appointment. It has been quite a while since she has been to the dermatologist; so I have been concerned that she won’t remember how to get there. I have arranged for her to meet me at my office at 11:30, and I will lead her over there in my car. Then I will head to a noon meeting at United Way. I feel pretty good about her getting home, but that is no sure thing either.

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