Good Weekend

We had an active weekend. Friday night we went our for a nice dinner at the Parkside Grill. Saturday night I picked up something from Asia Kitchen, and enjoyed it with a glass of wine. Sunday night after coming home from Dad’s, Kate had the house decorated for Christmas with many candles lit in the family room. We had a glass of wine, and conversation with a fire in the fireplace. I had brought home sea bass from Whole Foods along with an heirloom tomato. It was a special evening even though I have a bad cold.

I make a point of these little things because we are finding that those moments are more special than we would have thought in years past. We really are making the most of the time we have left.

On the downside, this morning Kate asked me how to turn on the TV, something she has been doing without a problem up until now. I don’t mean that she hasn’t had problems with the remote. That has always been confusing. I showed her how and turned it on for her. A few minutes later, she came to ask how to change channels. She couldn’t remember. I showed her, and she remembered right away.

Two other things caught my attention over the weekend. On Saturday when I got home from Dad’s she indicated she was not in a good mood because I was coming home a little later than usual. As we discussed this over a glass of wine before dinner, she told me she likes for me to be at home. She said she has so many questions to ask me, and it frustrates her when I am not here, especially as it is growing dark outside.

The other thing involves the birthday cards that Dad received. She brought them to me yesterday afternoon and asked if I might like to take them to Dad. I said I would but thought she was going to put them in a scrapbook. She had completely forgotten that she had decided to do the scrapbook. It is getting so that she forgets many if not most things that she says she will or wants to do at a given time unless I take the responsibility of reminding her.

She spends a good bit of her time on the computer working on photo albums that she may never complete and playing Free Cell. I think she gravitates to these things because they are things she can do. She doesn’t say much, but I know she is sensing her decline and it bothers her.

I felt guilty over the weekend because she wanted to host a lunch for my staff, and I her I hated for her to have to do that. I explained that I will be stressed over it. She is planning to have a lunch for two of her close friends after we return from New York on Dec. 12.

This morning I took her car to the body shop for an estimate of the damage that occurred when she struck a support in the Belk parking lot. We should get it back soon. Kate will be happy about that.