Dad Is Recovering

Dad has continued to improve, and I am optimistic that he will be better this afternoon when I visit him. Yesterday he was better, but he was grouchy and erratic in his behavior and comments. Part of this is normal for him. For example, he will say that he won’t eat something and then almost immediately start eating it. I took him some sliced peaches which he said were too hard and he wouldn’t eat them. Then he proceeded to finish them off.

I am trying to reshape my expectations for the staff at Mountain Valley. I simply think it is too difficult for them to do some of the required things and also develop a good sense of how an individual patient is doing. I feel I am going to be more observant of Dad’s condition than they are.

This week I am hoping to move Dad to another hall – 200. I have already discussed this with the social worker, and have identified the room to which he will move. Not sure that this will make any difference but Dad’s speech therapist believes it is a better hall.