Dad’s Fall

Thursday morning at 3:30, I received a call from the night nurse on Dad’s hall. She was letting me know that Dad had taken a fall and cut his head and that they had called 911 for an ambulance to take him to the emergency room at UT Medical Center. He came through pretty well. Neither the CT scan of his head nor x-rays of his hip and leg showed any ill effects though they said to watch him over the next couple of weeks.

That night around 8:00 p.m. he called to report that there were a lot of people in his room moving things. I told him I would call the nurse’s station to see what was going on although I suspected he was imagining or had had a bad dream as he sometimes does. When I spoke with the nurse, Frederick he had just come from Dad’s room and there was no activity.

Yesterday I picked him up to take him to a surgeon to see about his tumor on his right arm. When I got there, he was still in bed. They had not gotten him up and ready for me. His call button was not in place. When I tried to get him up and into his wheel chair, I found it quite difficult. He simply wouldn’t wake up.

Getting him into the car was quite difficult because he couldn’t help much. He appeared to be drugged. The nurse on duty, said he had been up a lot on Thursday night and was probably just sleepy. This bugged me a little because it obviously showed that she is not sensitive to what he is normally like. Getting him out of the car, into the doctor’s office, in the car, and into Mountain Valley was difficult. Dad was simply out of it.

I told the nurses to watch him, that I felt he was not normal. They had him in the dayroom trying to feed him when I left him.