Being Forgiving/Understanding

Since Kate’s diagnosis, I have come to view most of her behavior in a completely different light. Being someone with more than a few OCD tendencies, I found myself annoyed by many things, all of them unimportant. These would include little things like the way she loads the dishwasher, misplacing the remotes, etc. I wish that I had always been so understanding as I am learning to be now.

I find myself thinking about the future, our relationship, and how life will be changing. This is especially true when I attend a funeral service. Something similar happens when we are attending happier events. For example, we recently attending the wedding of a close friend. I kept reflecting on our own wedding and the happy times we have had over the years.

A very different kind of event the other night also led to a feeling of sadness for her. She recently learned about a conversational Spanish class offered at a branch of the library near us. She went to the first class by herself. A few minutes after the class had started, she called me to come over. I did. We went to Chalupas for dinner. She told me that she was feeling intimidated and wanted me in the class because I speak a little Spanish. It saddens me every time I observe her insecurity that arises because so many things are difficult for her.