Back to a Typical Day

Kate’s first experience with incessant talkativeness occurred a week ago today. It was one of three days of extreme talking. Each day was followed by a day of rest. If the pattern had persisted, yesterday would have been a day of talking, but it wasn’t. Her caregiver and I were happy.

She awoke about 11:15 in line with what is normal for her. She was in a good mood although a little sleepy, again, something normal. I took care of her morning meds and gave her some juice and a snack before the caregiver arrived. Then, I left for Rotary.

When I returned, she had had lunch and was relaxed in her recliner. She was quite calm and not talking. When I approached her, she had a smile on her face. I told her I was glad to see her, and she said the same about seeing me.

They were giving flu shots that afternoon, and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity for both of us to be vaccinated. First, I went to see what it looked like and discovered there was about a 30-minute wait. I completed forms for both of us. Then I went back to tell the caregiver it might be better if they remained in the apartment until nearer the time for us to be called.

When I got back downstairs, they had moved more quickly than expected. I rushed back to the apartment and brought Kate and the caregiver with me. We were called in right away but had another 10-minute wait before someone came to give the shots. I didn’t think Kate would have any problems, but I wasn’t sure. I was relieved that it went smoothly.

We returned to the apartment for another thirty minutes before the dining room opened at 4:30. We have been going early and sitting in a corner of a room adjoining the main dining room. We’ve eaten in more public areas of the dining room in the past, but I prefer the more private area in case Kate should say or do something that might be disturbing to others. That hasn’t happened often, but her loud voice gets attention. As usual, she enjoyed every bite of her food and was in a pleasant mood the entire time.

After dinner, we spent almost an hour on the balcony. While we were there, Kate began talking. The caregiver and I both wondered if this might not be the start of something we couldn’t stop. Once in bed, however, she began to relax. That is not unusual. She has often rested an hour or more after getting into bed.

While she rested, I took a shower. Kate was awake when I finished, and I got in the bed beside her. For more than an hour, we lay there talking. We talked mostly about our relationship and how we felt about each other. It was another very special moment at the end of a day that had gone well and is more typical of our days than those of the past week.