Another Success with Reading

Having been successful with The Giving Tree and The Velveteen Rabbit, I decided to try another book that I bought at the same time, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. I knew this could be a more challenging read for Kate but thought it was a worth a chance. I tried it Sunday evening after dinner.

I began by telling her a little about the book and that we had visited the place where Anne Frank and her family had hidden for two years. She was interested from the start. I am sure this was a book that she had recommended many times to her students when she was a librarian, but, of course, has no memory of it now.

When I finished the first entry, I asked if she would like to stop or if she wanted me to read some more. She wanted me to continue reading. After each entry, I asked if she wanted me to go on. We read twenty-five pages before I suggested we stop for the night and pick it up later. I was quite surprised she retained her interest for so long. Once again, I was encouraged about my adding reading as a source of pleasure for her.