A Bump in the Road While Preparing for Bed

After dinner last night, Kate and I spent over an hour looking at one of her family photo books. Both of us enjoyed the time together. Then I noticed that it was a few minutes after 8:00. That is when I usually try to wind down with the intent of getting her in bed before 9:00. I try to follow her between 9:30 and 10:00 so that I can get up between 5:30 and 6:00.

As usual, Kate wanted me to give her guidance on what to do. I told her she could start by brushing her teeth. I do that because she normally gets water on her clothes. If she puts her gown on first, she may need to change it before getting in bed. As it turned out, she forgot each of the things I said she should do even though I was giving her only one thing at a time. Before getting in bed, she brushed her teeth three times and used three hand towels and several wash clothes.

She was having a hard time following my directions, and we both got a little frustrated. She must have felt bombarded by instructions. I wanted to take my shower, but I wanted to see that she was ready for bed before then. Once I finally her night clothes on, I went to take my shower with the understanding that she would get in bed when she felt ready.

The first thing I noticed after my shower was that she was not in the bedroom. I went to the other bedrooms to see if she might be in one of them. When I found her, she had just pulled the covers back on the bed and was about to get in. I told her I would like for her to sleep with me. She spoke to me in hushed tones as though someone else was in the house, and she didn’t want them to hear our conversation. I tried to tell her we were alone, but she didn’t want me to speak. I walked her to our bedroom. She seemed a bit nervous and told me she didn’t know where to go. I felt bad about that. This was the first time in a year or so that I have gotten in the shower before seeing that she was in bed. She also felt bad about snapping at me a couple of times during the whole process. She apologized as she normally does. I apologized to her for rushing her.

She must have been unusually tired because she didn’t take any time to pull her hair once she got in bed. She went to sleep rather quickly. That is the first time I recall her doing that in a long time.