Three Days in a Row with More Confusion Than Usual

After getting up early and taking a shower, Kate went back to bed yesterday morning. As she had done the day before, she got back in bed after her shower and didn’t want to get up. I was going to my Rotary meeting, and Kevin was taking Kate to lunch as he has done on other visits.

Although she seemed to recognize me when she got up the first time, she didn’t when I tried to get her up later. She asked who I was, and I told her my name and that I was her husband. She didn’t believe me. As I usually do, I backed away from trying to convince her. I decided to focus on getting her dressed. We immediately ran into a problem. She was still undressed following her shower and was uneasy about letting someone she didn’t know help her with her clothes. I didn’t push but continued to talk with her. She asked about her clothes several times. I told her I had them right there on the bed and would help her get dressed. She finally consented. As she was dressing, I told her that Kevin was here and would be taking her to lunch. She didn’t know who Kevin was. I explained, but I wasn’t successful. I told her she would recognize him when she saw him.

As it turned out, I was right. At least she acted as though she “knew” him. That didn’t mean she remembered his name or that he was her son. She did, however, greet him happily. Then for a few minutes she gave her attention to the flowers inside and outside. She followed that by asking his name. Then she commented on his voice. She said, “You sound like a nice guy. I don’t know why I say that. I just sense it.”

We went into the kitchen where I had put out her morning meds. While she was taking them, she asked again about Kevin. I told her that he was our son. She found that hard to believe and asked Kevin. He confirmed what I had said, but she was still skeptical.

When we got to my office where I was meeting a colleague, Marianne, I told Kate I would be going to Rotary and she would be going to lunch with Kevin. She said, “Why don’t you go along with us?” I told her I could have invited her to attend my Rotary meeting but thought she might not enjoy it. She agreed, but she still looked like I was deserting her.

After lunch, we met back at the office and then went home where she rested until it was time to take Kevin to the airport for his flight home. From there we went directly to dinner. Once we were home, she wanted to rest again. She rested until 8:00 when I suggested we get ready for bed. I got the impression that her memory of me as her husband was “on again” “off again” for the rest of the evening, but she wasn’t like she was during the morning. She clearly was quite comfortable with me and showed complete trust in me though she had been suspicious in the morning. I don’t think I observed anything that I hadn’t seen before; however, the depth of her confusion seemed greater than I have noticed before. I think she was quite confused much of the day but still functioning pretty well. She even surprised me on the way home from dinner when she made an observation about the two of us. She said, “When you say silly things, I don’t get mad at you. I know you are just trying to be funny.” She may not know my name or our relationship, but she has a keen insight into my personality. She “knows” me.

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