More on Mother’s Day Cards

After lunch yesterday, Kate and I relaxed at home for a short time before leaving for an appointment. She took a seat in the family room. I showed her the two Mother’s Day cards she had received from our daughter and her boys and asked if she would like to look at them. She said, “Of course!” She picked up the one from our daughter first and commented on the “beautiful” colors on the front. Then she opened it and read the message. I asked if she would like for me to read it for her. She declined at first but changed her mind when she stumbled on a few words. When I finished reading it to her, she did just what she had done yesterday. She was in tears and held it in her arms and clutched the card to her chest. She said, “I’m gonna take this with me.” I’m not sure where she thought we were going. She may have been thinking about a move to Texas. That still comes up once in a while.

After finishing that card, she read the one from her grandsons. She had the same reaction to it. It wasn’t long before she wanted to lie down on the sofa. She held both cards closely. She wanted to know if she could take them with her. I told her they were her cards and she could do whatever she wanted. She said, “They’re mine? They don’t belong to anyone else?” She read through the cards one more time while lying on the sofa. Then she put them under one arm and closed her eyes for a short nap. It was touching to see her experience so much pleasure.

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