“Are you my Daddy?”

After being up at 1:30 and again at 7:45 yesterday, Kate got up for good before 9:30. She seemed rested and didn’t show the same degree of confusion she had shown earlier. She still didn’t recognize me as her husband but wasn’t disturbed by it. She was very much like she was the previous night when she thought of me as a good friend.

We made it to Panera for a muffin just after 10:00. Soon after getting into the car, she asked if I were her daddy. I told her I would be happy to be her daddy. She frowned and said, “So you’re not gonna tell me.” I said, “Do you think of me as your daddy?” She said she did. I said, “Well, I am.” We had a similar exchange at Panera. When I told her I would be happy to be her daddy, she said, “You’re not my daddy.”

A little later at lunch, she said, “What is your real name?” I told her and she said, “You could be my adopted daddy.” I said, “I like that.” She asked my name again. Then she told me that she could introduce me to our server as her adopted daddy. That didn’t happen. By the time the server came back she had forgotten altogether. My interpretation is that she was accepting that I was not her daddy, but she didn’t think of me as her husband. To her it must have seemed appropriate to think of me as someone close enough to be her daddy, hence the idea of her adopted daddy. That may be a nice transition from being her husband. I could live happily with that.

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