Confusion, Growing Dependence, But Happy Times As Well

Kate’s confusion continues and along with that her dependence on me. Despite her confusion over our marriage, we had a nice lunch. We had two brief social encounters with friends we hadn’t seen in a while. One was a former neighbor, the other a member of our music club. After lunch yesterday, we came back to the house for a little over an hour before we went for our hair appointments. During that time, we relaxed in the family room where Kate worked on her iPad. The music was relaxing. It was a very pleasant moment in the day.

After our haircuts, we were off to Barnes & Noble where we also saw a couple of friends who stopped at our table to chat. From there we went to Bonefish Grill for dinner. Once again, we saw several people we know from our neighborhood and had a good meal.

When we got home, we spent a little time in the family room where I watched the news. Then we retired to the bedroom for more of Fiddler on the Roof. After saying yesterday that Kate only puts down her iPad for Les Miserables, I noticed that she quickly became engaged with Fiddler. We watched for an hour during which time she never opened the iPad. Watching an hour or so of a musical she enjoys is becoming a good way to end the day. She enjoys herself must direct her attention away from confusion and loss of memory.

I am noticing more confusion at bedtime now. It is something that has been happening for a good while. It’s just that now she seems to be especially confused about getting ready for bed. That has obviously happened in the past when she has gone to her room to get a night gown and not come back with one. During the past few days, I have taken the lead and said, “I’ll get your nightgown.” She says, “That would be nice” or “Thank you.” There is no sign of independence. I think by that time of the day she wants what is the easiest thing.

I woke her at 10:40 this morning. I think she was about half awake anyway, and I would like for us to get to lunch before Mary comes at 1:00. She got up easily, but it was obvious that she was confused. She asked me what I wanted her to do. I told her she could take a shower in our bathroom. She asked, “Where is that?” I point to it and told her I would show her. I got towels out for her. She seemed very unsure of herself. I definitely feel better about her showering in our bathroom because of the walk-in shower. She has showered there every day since her fall last week. I feel we were fortunate that she didn’t hurt herself. The next day I asked her if she felt any pain from the fall. She didn’t remember the fall and didn’t have any pain.

Life is quite a mix of things right now. I suspect this is only the beginning. I am just glad that we can still enjoy time together. I would not have believed it 7 ½ years ago.