Music Speaks Again

As expected, opera night at Casa Bella was outstanding. The two singers were unusually good. I don’t mean to take away from the singers we normally have. They are graduate students from the music school at UT. Last night, the soprano and the baritone have sung with opera companies in Europe. As you might expect, they were truly outstanding. The crowd, including Kate and me, loved them.

It had been three weeks since we had been together with the couple we sit with regularly. It was good to see them. Two other people sat with us. We had known each of them from other places around town, so it was also a nice social occasion as well. We also saw several other people we know from other musical circles.

Once again, the power of music spoke loudly. With all the changes that Kate is experiencing lately, music still has great impact. I am optimistic that it will be with us for a good while to come.