More Things I Can’t Explain

Kate has been with the sitter this afternoon while I went to the Y and ran a couple of errands. When I returned, I discovered that they had not been to Panera, something they almost always do when I am gone. When I expressed my surprise, Kate said, “We could go now.” I asked if she would like that. She said she would.

While I was putting my gym clothes in the laundry basket, she went to her room. She met me in the family room in a few minutes. She was carrying an extra top and a pair of shoes although she was already wearing a top and shoes. I didn’t say anything. I wanted to see if she planned to take them with her to Panera. As I turned out, she did. When we arrived at here, she left the extra pair of shoes in the car, but she brought her top in with her. She tossed it on top of the table where she and I are seated. That’s just one more thing I can’t explain. I wonder how many other caregivers have had a similar experience. I suspect a lot.