Memory is fading, but she can still be light-hearted.

At Panera this morning, Kate asked me the name of a young man who works there. I told her. Then she asked again. I told her again. A minute passed. She looked up at me and said his name. I said, “You got it.” She smiled and said, “Ask me again in five minutes.” She knows she is not likely to remember.

We got our haircut this afternoon. Kate went first. When Dawn was cutting my hair, she commented that Kate had mentioned the move to Texas again. I told her that she had been telling other people the same thing. Fortunately, she says just the right thing when people ask when we are moving. She says, “We haven’t set a time yet. We’re not rushing.”

As we walked away, Kate asked, “What’s her name?” When we got in the car, she asked, “Where are we?” I asked if she meant the city. She said, “Yes.” I told her. It is such an interesting contrast, appearing to get along so well and then forgetting people and places you might think she has the greatest likelihood of remembering.