Lost, But Only Momentarily

Kate and I are still in the breakfast area of the hotel though I expect to leave for Panera shortly. A few minutes ago, she asked the location of the restrooms. I told her and pointed in the direction of the hallway off the dining area. I watched as she walked away and noticed that she followed my directions and went down the hallway. I didn’t watch to see if she had any trouble finding the restroom. This was a replay of what happened yesterday. I watched for her to return and found that she had walked by the dining area into the main part of the lobby and was circling back. As she walked, she looked from right to left and back again trying to find me. Finally, our eyes met and she walked over. I said, “You found me.” She proudly acknowledged that she had. Then she smiled and said, “Well, I made one wrong turn.” Even though I was watching for her, I wasn’t worried about her. This is a fairly small area. I knew she would find me. Of course, by keeping an eye out, I could have quickly jumped in to steer her back on course.

This is a frequent occurrence. She never seems to be concerned. She just calmly looks around. In the event that she does not see me, she takes a seat and waits for me to find her. I have done so a number of times, sometimes with help. Recently, a server at a restaurant where we were dining approached my table and asked if my wife was with me. When I said yes, he told me she was sitting in a booth in the next room. I walked over where she was calmly waiting for me and brought her back to our table.

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