Health Update

Kate and I have been fortunate not to have had any significant illnesses since her diagnosis. Almost two weeks ago, we both got colds. They were the first this season and very mild at that. Neither of us felt bad. The primary symptoms were a post-nasal drip and a mild sore throat for me. Kate had no visible signs of her illness except for a periodic cough. As of today, we are almost completely well.

The most troublesome health issue for Kate has been her eyesight. We have been monitoring the growth of her cataracts for the past two to three years. Monday afternoon she had her latest ophthalmologist’s appointment. She is now ready for surgery to remove the cataract in Kate’s left eye. For the first time, she was tested as “legally blind” in that eye. Situations like this require consideration of the value of the surgery versus putting her through the process. For me, it was not a difficult decision. We scheduled her surgery for January 23. For some time I had been concerned about her insecurity when she walks up or down steps. This is especially true at night when she walks much like some who is blind. I have also noticed her having difficulty looking at photos of family and friends. My only question has been how much of this is a function of her AD and how much is her eyes. There is no way to determine the future, but I felt being able to see better would improve her quality of life.

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