A Very Nice Sunday

From start to finish, Kate and I had a nice day today. I was up just before 6:00, had breakfast, took a 2.5-mile walk, and returned home before she was up. I checked email and worked on preparing this journal to post online by the end of January. Kate slept a little later; so we didn’t get to Panera until almost 10:00. That had been a typical time for us until the past couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. I think she is still recovering from the trip to Memphis.

One of the things that may have accounted for such a nice day was our schedule. It was broken into small chunks of activity. We spent about an hour and a half at Panera and then went straight to lunch. We arrived back at the house just before 1:00. As she usually does, Kate asked if she could work outside for a while. I told her I would be glad for her to do so. She expressed surprise once again. Then she asked if she could use her clippers. That’s when I reminded her that we couldn’t find them yesterday afternoon. I bought 3 new clippers two weeks ago. They have all “disappeared” now. I came inside to catch portions of two different football games. She worked almost two hours before coming in.

When she came inside, she said she was going to take a shower and then pointed to the bathroom off the guest room, the one she usually uses. A few minutes later she appeared wearing a different top and was all ready to go someplace.I asked if she would like to go to Barnes & Noble. She said, “Anyplace.” Off we went. About 4:30, I suggested we go home. That would give us about an hour before going to dinner. She accepted that.

She worked outside for almost an hour before coming in. By then it was time for dinner. We went out and returned home by 6:45. I suggested that I make a fire and that we both relax for a while. We did. Brian called about thirty minutes later. We had a nice conversation with him. When we hung up it was about time for us to call it an evening. I took my shower. She got ready for bed and worked on her iPad for another hour. Then retired for the evening.

I am now catching a little bit of the Packers/Steelers game. It has been a good day. We didn’t do anything elaborate, but we enjoyed the day and being together.