Little Changes

Among the changes in Kate’s recent behavior, I have noticed changes in her mood. I had previously mentioned that she had had several days during which she was in an especially good mood and very cooperative. She seemed to accept just about any of my suggestions. Then she had a day when she was quite irritable. That didn’t last long, and we returned to our usual habits of a mixture of more neutral behavior with a few irritable moments when I make suggestions about things to wear or offer my hand when she is going up or down stairs or a curb. We had a good day in Asheville on Sunday. Then yesterday morning she was irritable without any precipitating action on my part. We had a lunch scheduled with several people from our bank. She was far from excited about that. She seemed to enjoy herself and chimed in several times to make fun of my talkativeness. This is something I didn’t mind at all. It was fun to see, and I think our friends at the bank felt the same way. It was, however, something she would not have done before her Alzheimer’s. It was one of those times that her brother refers to as speaking with his “filter turned off.” I’ve learned that he means that he is insensitive to the possible impropriety of his comments.

This morning as she was getting out of bed she asked me if she should make up the bed. I don’t ever recall her asking this before. The only thing I can relate it to is that she knows our housekeeper comes once a week and washes the sheets. On those days, she did not make up the bed. Over the past 2-3 years, she hasn’t regularly made up the bed on any day. This is worthy of comment although I don’t believe I have mentioned it before. Her mother had taught her to always make up the bed. She has done so throughout our marriage until Alzheimer’s. Another connection to asking me this question is that asking my advice, permission, or confirmation is becoming another of those little changes that are taking place. This one just surprised me.

When we returned from Panera this morning, she asked me if she should wear a cap when she went outside to pull leaves. This was the first time she has asked this. It is an overcast day. Perhaps, she was really asking herself if she needed a cap.

When we got home from lunch, she asked me if she could use the clippers while she was working outside. As always, I told her she could.

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