After a couple of good days, Kate has fallen back into her slump. She has been spending almost all of her time on her iPad. I don’t think I have seen her on her computer for several days. When we have gone to Panera the past few times, she has not taken her computer, something that she has routinely done up until now. I may ask her about this. I suspect that she must have found that she is not able to work with it as well as she has done in the past. If she loses the ability to work on her photos, that is another low blow. I want to put together a photo album of our marriage and have asked her if she could help with that. She indicated that she would. I may suggest that we do a little of that this morning or afternoon. I am also going to call a couple in my Sunday school class and see if we can visit with them this afternoon. He is on dialysis and doesn’t get to visit us much. He has been with us only a couple of times in the past year.

’Kate’s mood affects me. When she is up, I am up. When she is down, I am down. I am going to have to work harder to occupy her in meaningful things. I have a list of things I am going to attempt. These include involvement with the Shepherd’s Center, a seniors educational program that meets at a Methodist not too far from us. I am also going to see if there are some volunteer activities that we might do together.