Fighting Colds

A little over a week ago we both came down with colds. That has captured our attention since then. Although Kate has had a more serious cold, I have also taken longer to come back than I normally do. It is a little difficult to assess how her Alzheimer’s has affected her behavior during this time. What I can say is that she has been more vocal than usual. By this I mean that she has moaned and groaned a lot as well as expressing vocal sighs and “ohs” during coughing bouts and other moments when the congestion in her throat and nasal passages increases.

Her typical Alzheimer’s symptoms have continued, but I have paid less attention as my focus has been on treating my cold. I have been drinking water all day each day. On Tuesday (2 days ago) I received 2 new SONOS wireless audio speakers. This made for a good time to set them up in the family room (less than an hour) and listen to a variety of music from my own CD collection as well as streaming from Amazon and Pandora. Yesterday I ordered a subwoofer to add to the system. It should be here by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

It has also been a good week to gather income tax records for our accountant. I am pleased that I have assembled 90% of what I need. I still haven’t received everything.

The one thing I have noticed today is that Kate sounded unusually annoyed with me. It occurred around the time we were to go for our haircuts. I think this is a holdover from the times when I have rushed her. It seems that every time we get ready to go someplace, she seems to be annoyed.

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