Thoughts Niagara-on-the-Lake and Chautauqua

As we come to the end of our week at Chautauqua, we are a bit sad to leave. I don’t recall ever feeling any other way. This is clearly the most special place for us. Despite losing Kate three times, I have made arrangements to come back next year. This time for two weeks. I am influenced by several factors. First, this year’s visit has gone well. Second, Roger Rosenblatt will once again host a week with his “friends.” This is Kate’s favorite week. We have been here twice before when he has hosted this week. Third, lodging space is going fast, and I found a very convenient place a short distance from the Amp and across the street from the Brick Walk Café. In addition, it is on the first floor. Finally, I am able to purchase trip insurance that would I cover the cost of the two weeks if we are unable to make it.

Chautauqua will be our last holdout. I do not plan to cease coming until it really is impossible to do so. One of the things that will influence me in that decision is how to handle trips to the restrooms. That would be difficult in airports when she is unable to take care of herself. The same would be on the grounds here at Chautauqua.

Right now I can’t predict what she will be like next summer or in May when we are booked for a cruise from Rome to Amsterdam. At this point, I have found the risks involved in planning for such things are minimal. I suspect I will have a much better sense by the end of February when I have to make my next decision about the cruise. I can cancel without any financial cost before that time.

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