Last night I went to a dinner and auction in conjunction with a golf tournament sponsored by our foundation. I took Kate to Chalupas for a bite to eat before leaving. She had been resting in the bedroom since she had gotten back from her PEO meeting yesterday afternoon. That is quite unusual in that the weather was beautiful which meant it was a good time to work in the yard. While we were at dinner, she told me once again that she was ignored by the people she went with. I am afraid this is going to be a common experience. It is so sad. She wants to be a part, but I know that people can’t help it. They simply don’t understand.

Last night at my dinner I told someone about Kate. She was shocked. She had only learned in the past week about the wife of someone else who has served with us on the foundation board. This means the circle of my acquaintances who know about Kate is gradually expanding. I can see that as the year moves along considerably more people will know. I just hope that there won’t be so many that Kate has the same experiences with them that she is now having with her PEO sisters.

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