More on Clothes

This past Saturday I took Kate shopping for black slacks. She told me she didn’t have any that fit. We bought 2 pair and a couple of turtle neck sweaters as well as another long sweater to wear over a blouse. This time I took pictures of them so that I know what to look for when the time comes. I also told her I wanted to know where she puts them so that I would be able to find them when necessary. She did not want me to do that. She said she would keep them where she could find them.

Last night as she was getting ready for the music club, she said she couldn’t find any black slacks that fit. I reminded her that we had bought 2 pair on Saturday. She asked where they were. I told her she had worn one on Sunday and the other was in my closet held back for alterations. I got the ones in my closet for her to try on. They worked except they were too long.

This was about 2 hours before we needed to leave. I told her that we ought to go get a quick bite to eat at Panera. She hadn’t realized we had so much time. She said she would change clothes before going. It turned out that she changed to a different outfit to wear to music club. About 40 minutes had passed; so I said let’s just go to Panera the way you are. You can finish getting ready when we get back. She told me all she needed to do was put on her make up. We went to Panera. When we got back I went to take a shower and get dressed. An hour later, after I was dressed, she had completely changed.

When we got home, I suggested she give her slacks to me to keep in my closet. This insulted her. I fear that she will lose these as she has the others.

In the meantime, she is having her PEO group over on Thursday morning for their meeting and Christmas lunch. Up until today she had done almost no decorating. I got decorations out of the storage room and suggested she look through them. She has done so and gotten some things out and also put up some decorations; however, she has a tremendous job to get ready for Thursday. She has refused my help and told me not to worry about it, that she would get it done. In a conversation with Ellen, I suggested that she might drop by in the morning to see how things are going hoping that Kate might accept her help. I have also arranged for the woman who cuts my hair to cut hers tomorrow as well as giving her coloring. She asked what the color is. I couldn’t answer; so I am taking Kate by her place this afternoon to let Dawn determine the right color.

The bottom line: Kate is continuing to get along well in many respects, but she is getting worse when it comes to organizing her life and remembering recent things. She needs to be reminded of just about everything.