Sometimes Hard to Know What to Believe

Kate and I got back from lunch at a short time ago. While we were there a funny thing happened. I made a comment about the paintings on the walls. I mentioned one in particular and said that I liked it. Kate said that she had told Ellen how much she liked it on a previous visit. That led to our walking around the restaurant to see the other paintings. Each of us commented on the ones we liked. When we got back to our table she looked at the one I had first indicated I liked. It was the one she said she had told Ellen she had liked. She indicated she did not like that one. I didn’t say anything. I just accepted this as it is a common occurrence. One moment she will say she likes or wants something. In the next moment she says something counter to the first comment. It can make it a challenge to know what to say or do. You have to be ready for change.