Not everything is good

Yesterday afternoon we went to see the movie, The Book Thief. It is a good movie, but gut wrenching. Deals with the holocaust. As we were about to leave the theater, I said to Kate, “I hate to say this, but I fell asleep before the movie started and missed the beginning.” She sensed I was about to ask her how it began when she suggested going online. She seemed a little depressed which I associated with the movie. As we walked down the hall she said, “I can’t even remember anything about Captain Phillips,”a movie we had seen 2-3 weeks ago. I sensed then that she was depressed over not understanding the movie we had just seen. I have mentioned before that she finds it hard to follow movies and plays and it is frustrating. This time she was more depressed than usual. I said something intended to be supportive, and she gently said, “Don’t say anything. I know you want to help me.” We drove home quietly. I made a fire and thawed some chili from the freezer. We sat quietly in front of the fire until she wanted to go to bed. We talked very little during that time. Before going to bed she said, “I’ve been pitying myself all day.” I said, “You’re entitled.” After I had taken my shower, I got into bed and hugged her until we were both asleep

I am also realizing that her behavior sense Dad’s death is not entirely part of our grief. The weather has changed, the party is over, and she is not spending a good part of the day pruning. That was a major activity before the party. Thus she is left with little that she is able to do, but play Free Cell on her computer.

This has led me to go back to my thinking about telling the children about things after Christmas.