All Went Well

Last night our dinner with friends went well. The woman who mows the lawn came earlier in the day, the weather was pleasant, and everyone showed. No disasters occurred in connection with our preparations. Kate stayed out in the yard until 90 minutes before the guests arrived, but I had already settled on taking care of all things that I could. It worked. The sad part is that she thanked me for taking care of everything both last night and again this morning. It makes me sad for her to recognize her dependence on me.

When I left for the office this morning, she was pulling weeds in the front yard. I know that one reason she likes to work in the yard is that it is something that she can do. There aren’t as many “rules” that she has to follow or things she has to remember. She can just pull weeds, plant plants, and prune shrubs. It troubles me (and I know it troubles her) that she is so unable to do so many things.

I can’t recall whether or not I said this in an earlier post, but she told me the other day that next year she is going to ask Shirley Hazel, the PEO sister with whom she works on the scholarships, to do all the computer entry and letters of recommendation. She does still want to go with her to interview the candidates. I had been wondering about her telling Shirley that she didn’t want to continue, but this is much better that she chose this direction for herself and that she can maintain some involvement though minimal.

I think she needs to do the same with the responsibilities for the neighborhood newsletter and directory. Perhaps she will come to this conclusion herself without my saying anything.

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