Good Times

I have been reflecting lately on the nature of my comments and decided I ought to be more thoughtful about frequency, topics, and relevance to my musings. We’ll see where that takes us. The first sign of this is the title for today’s entry. Here’s the story,  and it’s short.

Right now we are at the peak of the spring flowers, and the weather lately has been grand. One of the things that Kate and I have enjoyed over the years is sitting outside on the patio with a glass of wine and just conversing. Last evening was one of those times. I had come back from my daily visit with Dad at Mountain Valley and began to prepare some chicken soup with some chicken thighs that I had cooked over the weekend. Kate was planting some new flowers on the neighbor’s side of our front yard. She came in just about the time I was ready to serve; so we took our soup and wine outside and enjoyed the view, the weather, the conversation, and just being together. These are moments we treasure, and, fortunately, we have many such moments even in the midst of some of the trials that we have faced. We enjoyed these long before we knew about Kate’s AD.

My spirits have been higher in the past few days which relates to the successful closing on the building, the exploration of new properties to buy with the proceeds, the good feeling that the staff has about our move upstairs, and the fact that we have had a number of new business possibilities. All these things remind us of how much we have to be thankful for.

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